Board Games

What they are and why I think they are awesome

12/2014 / Milan Herda / @moriquend

  • What are "modern-style" board games?
  • Why do I play them?
  • Why should you play them?

"So, you play board games. Hmm, you mean like…?"

"No, I play games like…"




Eldritch Horror

What's a difference?

Characteristics of modern-style board games

  • limited weight of luck and randomness
  • theme (euro-game, ameritrash)
  • well balanced
  • no player elimination
  • author's name on the box :)

I like playing board games because

  • I like to play :)
  • visually attractive
  • fiddle with the components
  • player interaction
  • I can see how the game works

Nerdy hobby?

  • games are for children
  • it is not usual to just sit down and play a game with family/friends
  • big entrance barrier (price, rules, nobody knows about it)
  • only weird people play these games

Why should you play them?

  • fun and relax
  • quality time with friends/family
  • many hours of fun for relatively small price
  • social interactions
  • improve strategical and analytical thinking
  • good things can happen to you :)

Where to start


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